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Better Than Life – 9/25/15
Dear friends,

·      This week I’ve been meditating upon Psalm 63. The Spirit breathed this prayer song in David who was surrounded by wilderness & hounded by hostility. You can read about such a time in 1 Samuel 22. Try praying this Psalm aloud to begin each day the next month. Vs. 3 is speaking loudest to me on this day, “Because Your lovingkindness is better than life, my lips shall praise you.” You really can rest upon Jesus, enjoy Him, & be His witness even though the world is often a harsh wilderness.

·      We invite all local friends to join us this Sunday morning at 1030 AM as Kim and I minister with Pastor Peter Mahoye Shandakwa at Community Evangelical Pentecostal Church at their new home in the Youth Room at First Church of the Open Bible, 1911 E Ave. NW.  We rejoice with Peter and this Congolese refugee church as they have now come under the covering of that denomination. We have enjoyed a precious relationship with Peter and that church and we look forward to our first time with them since they moved to the Open Bible. When you arrive, ask for directions to the Congolese church in the Youth Room. Please see your mission to build relationships this Sunday. Please introduce yourself to people before or after service to the Congolese and tell them you are with Pastor Richard and Kim. It’s possible during the service we might ask the friends of Come Rest to come forward to stand with Kim and I as we pray fresh blessing over the church in it’s new season. Please pray for me as I will be bringing them teaching from Psalm 63. Also, please keep praying for the red tape to be cleared away so that Peter’s wife and children can, at long last, come from the refugee camp in Kenya to the USA in 2016. What a time of perseverance and trial this has been for his family and their church. Yet, we can say with Pastor Peter and King David that the Lord’s lovingkindness is better than life!

·      Preparations are underway for our next 2 Day Rehoboth Wellsprings Gathering at CR Sanctuary Church on Oct. 3-4 and our next 3 Day Rehoboth Wellsprings Gathering at River of Life Church on Nov. 5-7. We hope to see many of you there! Please pray for the events to be totally refreshing for all involved. These events are open to the public as come and go experiences. But we ask dedicated Come Rest friends to make these events a priority for the purpose of going deeper in Him and helping others do the same. CR Sanctuary is plowing new ground with Come Rest by asking us to come do these 2 Day Gatherings every four months for the purpose of refreshing their leaders and members in the very intense ministry they are undertaking to former prisoners, addicts, and other broken and bound people. What a privilege for Come Rest!! All hands on deck!

·      I am progressing on the new book. I already have direction on the next one. But first things first!  Please keep praying for me! Thank you so much.   


Thank you for your prayers, financial gifts, and participation in Come Rest! You can also support and spread our message by purchasing my books and Kim’s art as gifts for your friends, family, and new acquaintances!  Keep sending your prayer requests. We love praying for you!

We love you all!

Richard Speight 


Pastor Dick Speight has been writing what God puts on his heart for years. This blog is a way for Pastor Dick to comunicate with you what God has been communicating with him. Sometimes these blogs are encouraging, other times they are convicting, but it is the hope of Come Rest ministries that you will always find these blogs edifying and that God would take glory in them.

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