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Joyful and Abundant – 7/24/15
The parched ground shall become a pool,
The thirsty land springs of water;
In the habitation of jackals, where each lay,
There shall be grass with reeds and rushes.
    Isaiah 35:7  NKJV 

Dear friends of Come Rest,

·           The Holy Spirit wants to flood your life and city with same love and power that flowed through Jesus of Nazareth! The jackals represent wicked people and demonic spirits. They can’t stay in the “wetlands” created  by the gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit. where the manifest presence of the Lord moves. His power flows from those who are fully yielded to Him. Let go of your sinful habits to Him. Let go of your fears to Him. Let go of your grudges to Him. Let go of your doubts to Him. Let go of control to Him. Let go of your schedule to Him. Let go of your attention to Him. Let’s go. He will let go the coming flood of His presence through us as we come up and take the land!
·           Thank you for your prayers as I continue in my writing retreat!
·           Keep meditating upon Isaiah 35 and Psalm 23; praying Psalm 64 prayer shield over your churches and Come Rest ministries; and enjoying summer 2015 each day with Jesus according to Matthew 6:25-34.I am praying and declaring Isaiah over our household and yours. His Highway of Holiness awaits. How joyful and abundant your life can be!
·           Thank you for your prayers, financial support, and participation in Come Rest! Keep sending us your prayer requests. We love praying for you!


We love you all!

Richard and Kim Speight


Pastor Dick Speight has been writing what God puts on his heart for years. This blog is a way for Pastor Dick to comunicate with you what God has been communicating with him. Sometimes these blogs are encouraging, other times they are convicting, but it is the hope of Come Rest ministries that you will always find these blogs edifying and that God would take glory in them.

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