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Easy Yoke – 6/24/15

Dear global and friends of Come Rest,

·      I felt led to post the following statement on Twitter and Facebook this week. It bears repeating to all of you. “Stop making your life difficult and start making someone’s life easier. Let Jesus help you do things His way.” #RepentRestBearFruit
·      Please keep praying Psalm 64 aloud daily through June 30th over followers of Jesus in your region AND living Matthew 6:25-34. Look up, lighten up, brighten up in Jesus’ name! Invite other believers to do the same.
·      The way to fight the devil is to not fight with the devil but to walk with Jesus under His easy yoke. This means to daily surrender your burdens, surrender control, and surrender your undivided attention to Jesus. Enjoy your life with Him each day in this world even while you prepare to live in the next.(This “mini-teaching” paragraph is getting through to people. Pass it on!)
·      Thank you so much for your prayers and financial gifts to the Lord for Come Rest Ministries! Please send us your prayer requests! 

We love and bless you all!

Dick and Kim Speight


Pastor Dick Speight has been writing what God puts on his heart for years. This blog is a way for Pastor Dick to comunicate with you what God has been communicating with him. Sometimes these blogs are encouraging, other times they are convicting, but it is the hope of Come Rest ministries that you will always find these blogs edifying and that God would take glory in them.

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